Amy’s Bio

While raised a sports fan, with particular reinforcement from my mother and grandmother, my limited participation led me to believe I had no innate athletic ability. Embracing a role of observer, I cultivated my talent for interviewing athletes and coaches, and honed my writing skills to translate life on the playing field to others like me ā€“ passionate fans on the sidelines. As a sportswriter, I was part of the world of athletics and competition in a way that was simultaneously alluring yet daunting.

Finally, in my 30s, I inched into the athletic realm, first through fitness activities, then through charity walks, then through cycling events. With a growing confidence in my sense of self and my body, I took on bigger challenges, entering triathlons, then a marathon, then an Ironman. But my personal athletic accomplishments did not exist in a vacuum. Now with an identity as an athlete, my entire world began to change. I developed new attitudes and relationships in every facet of my life ā€“ from family and friends to work to finances to love to housework. The space of athletic activity connected me to my authentic self and helped me start to live my best life.

This is a connection I wish for others to experience. Through writing and speaking, I encourage others to find their own purpose through movement ā€“ whether it be competitive running, practicing yoga or striving for healthy living. I desire to help others make connections to themselves, to gain the confidence and power to shape their own worlds and, by extension, the world around them.

My vision includes using my skills as a communicator and teacher to help others live their best lives inspired through health and wellness. My background lends to:

Researching, writing and explaining the latest health, fitness, nutrition and wellness information in language that is easy to understand.

Writing success stories that help inspire and motivate.

Speaking to groups to give concrete how-to information, as well as motivational examples.

Teaching through workshops and seminars on practical aspects of creating a healthy lifestyle, along with helping others deepen their personal connection through writing and journaling about their athletic experiences.


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