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The Finish Line, Page 5

Race report: Pittsford Triathlon

A true sign of a good weekend is when you can (a) talk your friend into her first triathlon and (b) race your heart out for fun.

Race report: Buffalo Half Marathon

A half marathon race report which includes: a pro/con list, dog petting, high-fives and a Buffalo civic pride rant. What more do you want?

The Seneca 7 manifesto: Bringing the lessons home

Always say “yes” to an idea that intrigues, inspires or energizes you. Even if it scares you a bit. Even if you don’t know exactly how to do it. Plus: An update on Jenna Hanson and the ultimate high school female athlete contest!

Race report: The Seneca 7

Less than a mile into my final run my core started to ache. I thought about leading with my heart center, breathing …

Race report: Shamrock Run

This year’s version of the Shamrock 8K was about facing a challenge with laughter. Which was good. Because half the race was in a wind tunnel, I forgot how to properly dress for an outdoor event and there was no smell of Cheerios to help me through the tough times.

When you wish upon a star

While most of my focus had been on the Marathon Weekend there was another important aspect to last week’s trip — it …