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The Finish Line, Page 4

The beauty of the finish line

One doesn’t come out of an epic event with merely descriptions of how the 17-mile hike/trail run kicked one’s ass. Indeed, there …

Mud Run: Playing in the woods with friends

This was now officially the dirtiest mud run of my brief trail running career. I’m pretty sure it was the slowest, too. And in the finally tally? The most fun. Let me walk you through it.

Race Report: Lake View Field Days 5K

After an 8-hour drive why would I not get up at 5 in the morning to run a 5K as part of my tempo workout? Delights of a weekend 5K including having a small bird fly into my head.

Musselman 70.3: Bringing the heat once more

1. The needs and behaviors of myself and my 9-month old niece are strikingly similar. 2. It took me a hellish 92-degree 70.3 race to embrace the conclusion others have been trying to bash into my thick skull for weeks.

Race report: Musselman 70.3

Warning: There may be some cursing involved. But wouldn’t you curse if you ran in 92-degree heat? The nitty-gritty of race day in my Musselman Race Report.

Musselman: The preparations

I prepare to give my best effort, taking whatever the day throws at me, enjoying the ass-kicking my friends will give me and celebrating the fact that I’m out on the course, living my most enjoyable life.