Update on #FromTopShelfToFoodShelf

So you may recall the amazing campaign promoted by the blog Runnin’ With the Dogs (an independent blog about Minnesota-Duluth hockey) to raise money and donations for local food banks/pantries/community kitchens based around college hockey games this weekend.

I pledged $5 per Canisius goal to the Response to Love Center in Buffalo and $5 per Niagara goal to Heart, Love and Soul in Niagara Falls.

So the Purps finished with seven goals in a weekend split with Bentley for $35. Canisius scored six goals in a split at Air Force for $30.

But that’s not my final total.

I’m crediting Canisius with another goal because one of the players liked my Tweet about sports info and hockey math guru Jason not getting eaten by mountain lions as the Griffs explored the Colorado outdoors. (Seriously, it makes me happy when people get my sense of humor and favorite it. So something other than my ego should benefit.)

I’m giving Niagara another $5 after Derian Plouffe netted a hat trick on Friday and adding another $5 to the Griffs after Reilly Turner made a career-high 42 saves and had 81 stops on the weekend, because that’s just a whole lot of freaking work.

I also pledged to add $1 for every mile I ran or hiked this weekend. Saturday was an 8-mile easy run while Sunday I hiked 2 miles with my dad at the Iroquois Federal Wildlife Reserve.

So that brings my total donation to $100 — $50 to Response to Love and $50 to Heart, Love and Soul. It’s a small bit, but I believe every act of compassion and every moment of empathy adds up to something greater than the check we write.

Big props to Donna Carpenter who writes the RWD blog for generating the idea and for calling me “impartial media lady” in her spreadsheet of college hockey pledges. That may be the coolest work-related  title I’ve received.

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