Her Royal Highness of Self Deprecation

Little known fact: One of my official titles is “Her Royal Highness of Self Deprecation.”

OK, it’s not an official title, but few people in my close circle would argue with it being awarded to me. If you could make money by putting yourself down I would have long ago passed Oprah in terms of wealth and influence.

I’m sure somewhere along the line I misunderstood the concept of humility. Somewhere in my life experience I befriended Gremlin voices who liked to berate me. Who do you think you are? You’re not any better than anyone else. Sit down and blend in.

But here’s the thing: : Beating myself up doesn’t work. It doesn’t make me more likable. It doesn’t get me what I want. It flat out doesn’t serve me except to keep me playing small in my life. And no one benefits when people play small in their own lives.

How can I be kinder to myself this week? Where can I play big instead of playing with fear, expectations and Gremlins? Oh my. It could be an amazing week.

beating yourself up

One Comment on “Her Royal Highness of Self Deprecation

  1. Love the quote.

    Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz really helped me with this. Esp the prayers of self love. Keep up your amazing work.

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