What have you seen today?

“What have you seen today?”
“Nothing good.”

It’s one of the classic exchanges in one of my favorite movies. Remember the premise in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was for Ferris to help bring his best friend, Cameron, out of his depressive teenage funk. They went to a museum and saw priceless works of art. They went to a Cubs game. They ate pancreas at a fancy restaurant. And to top it off Ferris was on a float in a parade through Chicago. Through it all hijinks ensue and we laugh our way through the movie and say, “Oh Matthew Broderick, you’ve charmed us again.”

But here’s today’s question: How often do I slip into thinking like Cameron? How often do I kick the dirt and believe that I’ve seen nothing good? How often do I focus my energy on what I think is missing from my life instead of what is already there? How often do I compare what I have (materially, socially, emotionally) to others, discounting the life I’ve created for myself?

What have I seen today?

It’s a choice I have. I can choose to focus on the good things I see. I can choose to create good things to see. Just yesterday I took an impromptu stop at a trail. It wasn’t a hike or a planned excursion. Just a 10 minute walk into the woods. And it made me happy.

What will I see today?

It all depends on where I choose to look. It all depends how how I choose to look.

What will you choose to see today?

One of my happy places. Royalton Ravine. #NiagaraCountyGirl


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