Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Something is going terribly wrong. I’m not quite sure what is happening, but it has me a bit on edge. You see, for the past month my training for the Derby Festival half marathon in Louisville has been going fantastic. It’s been good. Too good. For too long.

And so I’ve been sitting waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because at some point it must go terribly wrong, right?

We’re now just 24 days out from the half marathon, one that I planned to do mostly for fun and partly for performance, gearing up for the Buffalo Half Marathon in May. And this week, my good friend (and part-time running coach) Sue told me we’re probably going to make some minor adjustments to my paces. The minor adjustments, just to be clear, have me running faster. This has me both excited and terrified. I get that way some times. I am vast. I contain multitudes.

But after a recent discussion with a college coach, I’ve decided to abandon my vigil for the dropping of the other shoe.

Instead of questioning my progress and wondering when it will all go to hell (and assuming that it will all go to hell), she encouraged me to look at the things I am doing which validate the improvement in my running. I’m paying attention to my daily nutrition and hydration. I’m getting enough sleep. I’m taking care of my body after long and hard runs with yoga and foam rolling and yes, even winter-time ice baths. I’m cross training. I’m doing my workouts which often means running an easy pace and being a peace with that pace instead of trying to kill workouts for the sake of my ego.

See, my improvement has not come out of thin air. It’s not some magical gifts bestowed by the running gods who can give and take away at a whim. It’s not even so much about being the result of “hard” work as it is about being the result of “purposeful” work. It’s about seeing the big picture. It’s about leaving the analysis behind. It’s about trusting that the outcome will take care of itself. And trusting that whatever that outcome turns out to be, it will be exactly what I need at that moment. Even if I don’t quite understand it at the time.

What if instead of waiting for it all to fall apart, I assumed it was all supposed to be, you know, good?


One Comment on “Waiting for the other shoe to drop

  1. I love this! I had coffee with that college coach yesterday and the things she told you are so true! Of course we both know how great she is so that’s something to bank on. A lot of us doubt how good we are actually doing and then when the nagging voice comes during the tough spots its easier to believe that maybe we can’t keep it up. Look back at your training and call upon every good training session you have had. These are good by design.By you! So much so that your paces need to be adjusted. Congrats on that! Yes Congrats even before your Half Marathons because all the kudos don’t hinge on just “the day”. I learned that after an awesome training for Boston last year. The paces and runs went great. yes Mother nature had other plans with 89 degree fininsh line temp, but she couldn’t take away the improvements I made in 18 weeks. Trust in your hard work and remove self doubt. 🙂

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