Stretching your comfort zone

One of the best basketball teams I covered had a guard who was a fantastic three-point shooter and an outstanding defender. But in order for her to become the leader her team needed, she needed to become vocal. She needed to talk, both within her team and to people outside the program. And she hated to talk. But she hated to lose even more. And so she stretched outside of her comfort zone. The result? An undefeated regular season and an NCAA Sweet 16 appearance.

That became a theme for the team and one that intrigued me: Whatever you hate to do, find something you hate even more to inspire the action. I love the sentiment, but tweaked it to keep the framework positive:

When up against frustration, fear or doubt what is it you want even more? What is more important to you than affirming the agenda items of the negative committee that meets in your head?

Put your focus on what it is you want, rather than on what you fear or hate, and you might just find yourself staring back at your old comfort zone thinking, “gee, that was quaint.”

From Positive Outlooks.

From Positive Outlooks.

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