I believe in mischief

There is a line from the poet Mary Oliver which has been stuck in my head:

I believe in kindness.
Also in mischief.
Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed.

Perhaps it’s the part about singing which has me enamored with this line since I have a habit of singing at inopportune times for no particular reason. And I’ve been told my singing is bad. Then again, lack of ability (as defined in the traditional sense) has never stopped me from doing anything. In fact, if I only did things I was good at, well, I wouldn’t do much at all.

Kindess. Mischief. Singing when singing is not necessarily prescribed. Sounds about right for this time of year. September has always been one of my favorite times of year. Yes, I’m a perennial back-to-school kinda girl. For me, the fall is a time to start over. To forget about that list of things I haven’t done or accomplished or quite got to just yet. It’s a time to create and imagine, to let go of the patterns of thinking which hold me back.

And what would my life look like if I approached it with kindess, mischief and a bit of whimsy? What if I didn’t worry about looking foolish? Or stopped trying to constantly watch my back?  What if I listened to what my life was trying to tell me? What if I paid attention and approached all aspects of my life — the great times, the frustrating times, the challenges — with an open heart, with kindness and with a bit of sass?

September is another chance at a do-over for me. A chance to see unlimited possibilities not only in my biggest dreams but in those small, daily choices which I too often shoo aside as inconsequential. Sometimes it’s in those small moments, even those moments of inner rebellion known only to myself, that the most amazing possibilities start to emerge.

So go ahead — Be kind. Create mischief. And sing. Especially when signing is not called for.

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