The world is wide

The world is wide. So why are you playing small? Look at all the energy you have. Yes, you do have energy. Even on days when you feel so tired you can’t lift your arms. There is an energy inside of you, supported by this wide world. Use that energy to create momentum, to carry you forward, to play big. Leave the friction and the drama to someone else today.

Frances E. Willard was a social reformer in the late 1800s. She is best known as a key figure in the women’s suffrage movement and the temperance movement. But when she was 53 years old, she learned to ride a bicycle. Cycling had become wildly popular but women had a difficult time on the bike, saddled with cumbersome long skirts and concern of the medical establishment that cycling could be detrimental to a women’s sensitive physical makeup. Willard however became a proponent of dress reform (read: pants for women) and an advocate for physical activity for women in her book “A wheel within a wheel: How I learned to ride the bicycle with some reflections along the way.”

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