Life is an every day thing

Sitting in the church, two pews behind two older women, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop. Early for the memorial Mass for my friend’s mother,  I sat quietly, taking in the beauty and majesty of the old church and catching every third or fifth word the women in front of me whispered. Something about the scene made me smile. It is always the old women who are here, tending to the ceremony of life when no one else seems to have the time. Circumstances allowed me to attend and I was grateful for that. I didn’t know my friend’s mother very well. In fact I had only met her a few times. But I wanted to be there for those still living and to honor the memory of a woman who helped shape some of the best people I know. The stories offered during the service ranged from the big stuff, like getting her college degree after her children were grown and traveling across the world, to the little daily stuff, like her desire to always stay busy and her ability to comb estate sales for perfect pieces to complement her home.

And it got me thinking. Sometimes we think life only happens in the big moments. But we make our life every day in every moment. I love to talk about living my life big, but what I really mean is living my life fully. Doesn’t matter if I’m swimming with sea lions in the Sea of Cortez, strolling through Knox Farm State Park or cleaning my bathroom. Doesn’t matter if I’m pounding out difficult workouts or sitting on a lazy afternoon enjoying a good book. Living fully means making the most of my day and bringing all of myself to it.


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