Dear Mom: Weirdness is Genetic

I no longer purchase a card for my mom on Mother’s Day. Several years ago I found the perfect one of a little girl in pigtails sticking her tongue out. The text read “Weirdness is genetic. Happy Mother’s Day.” I can’t top that one. So I gave up trying. Oh yes. Weirdness is genetic. So is stubbornness and sarcasm. My mother can say more with a well placed “whatever” than most can do in a master’s thesis. (Your mom too? Co-winky-dink.) But here is what I know for sure — my mom loves to see me happy. And sometimes what makes me happy is, well, weird to other people, including her. That’s when I can remind her that weirdness is genetic. And allowing me to create my own life which is full of quirks and  challenges and triumphs and  a fair number of hairpin turns is one of the greatest gifts she could ever give me. Well that, and cake.

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