Spring Cleaning

I’ve started that official rite of the season known as spring cleaning. Truth be told, I’m not a very good housekeeper. I tend to dump and run to my next thing, even if my next thing is only in the next room. I could consider it a flaw, something I’d like to change. And while I do want to create better habits to keep my living space in better shape, I’m not going to berate myself or obsess about what I don’t do well. My philosophy, if my apartment avoids being mistaken for an episode of Hoarders I’m in good shape.

Still, there is something really satisfying about the spring cleaning process. Because for me, it’s not just about cleaning and organizing. It’s about removing the clutter both physically and mentally. We tend to hold on to things which no longer serve us — from that pair of “skinny jeans” or our “fat clothes” to ideas and habits and relationships. What’s so difficult about cleaning up clutter can be letting go of the past in all it’s glory and all its pain.

I won’t toss everything. Some things have meaning to me which others may not understand, like my Brian Stavisky autographed baseball or my Gin Blossoms concert t-shirts. But I’m in a space now where “shoulds” are no longer a viable reason to keep something around, whether it’s part of material world or my spiritual one.

I’m pretty sure my spring cleaning process will take me right into summer. Because it’s not about throwing things into place and giving the floor a good scrub. It’s about being purposeful in what I keep, letting go of judgements and acting with passion rather than fear.

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