Time to play big

As February drew to a close, I looked at what was on my plate for March and thought that perhaps a crazy person had done my schedule. Oh wait. Nope. That was me. And perhaps sometimes I am a crazy person. But sometimes when I’m label myself crazy I’m actually doing exactly what I need to be doing. So, we’re gonna flow with that March and see where we land come April 1.

Byline to Finish Line will be taking a bit of a hiatus for the next 10 or so days. There maybe a random post, but for the most part, I’ll be out of the social networking loop. See, life put this incredible opportunity in front of me to travel to Baja, Mexico. I’ll be joining the organization Becoming an Outdoorswoman on a trip executed by Green Edventures. There are so many reasons why I need to take this trip, to seize this opportunity. There are as many reasons why it’s a bad idea, and those gremlins usually come in the form of “bad timing” and “financial constraints.”

Perhaps I’m sleep deprived. Perhaps I’m crazy. Perhaps I’m caught up in life. But I said “screw it” to my gremlins and will be on my way to Mexico for the first time, meeting up with a group of women I don’t know to learn how to snorkel and kayak and hike in an eco-friendly beach camp set up. I’m going bold. I’m going to be a little brave. I’m going to have lots of fun.

I’m not quite sure what it is exactly that is calling me to this adventure. But it kept coming up for me, over and over again, until I could no longer ignore it. It called to something deep in my heart, and I’ve learned that if I ignore those callings, well, that’s a choice I make to stay stuck. To play small. This month, I’m playing big. Because it’s my choice. I get to decide whether I play big or small. I get to choose whether I go after what makes me happy, enjoying every moment of the journey or if I sit around and wish for something better.

From those kick-ass women at the Brave Girls Club comes the following illustration about following your dreams. Roll around in those thoughts and daydreams for the next week. I’ll do the same. When I get back, we can compare notes:

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