Dear Great Pumpkin …

Dear Great Pumpkin,

Earlier this week I offered a Tweet asking for Body Glide, Honey Stinger Waffles and TryChips. As you can imagine, that request came after a long workout which left me wanting for a few comforts as I return to regular training. I did knock 18 minutes off my marathon PR  you know and I took some time to celebrate, recover, and celebrate. My transition back to regular training and a consistently healthy diet has been a bit rocky these past two weeks and those three items would soothe my being, both physically and metaphorically.

After asking for those items, however, I had second thoughts. Shouldn’t I be asking for better things? Bigger things? Things of more importance and the appearance of selflessness? Shouldn’t I ask in some meaningful way for world peace and understanding or for an end to hunger and malnutrition? Shouldn’t I ask for more civility in society and for improvements in the lives of my friends and family who are suffering from health, financial or emotional setbacks?

I reflected on this, Great Pumpkin, and decided two things: 1. That any incarnation of the word “should” will be on my own personal banished word list and 2. That there is only thing I can control. And that is me.

I believe there is great power in realizing and embracing the notion that I control and create my life. And yes, I realize that often when I articulate this , I sound as if I was hit with the Oprah stick. I’ve made peace with that, too. But my greatest gift to the world, my contribution to a better world, is living my truth, my best life from my most authentic place. Sure it’s difficult on the surface to understand how running and biking and swimming and racing can help create a better world. On the surface it’s difficult to see how living my passion does anything of substance for anyone else.

But consider this: What if everyone in the world followed their passion? Lived in joy? Found what they loved and embraced it wholeheartedly? What would that collective positive energy create?

I would like to contribute to society in that way, Great Pumpkin. I can’t solve my friend’s illness or find my other friend a job, but I can live fully and passionately and with love and joy. And bringing more passion, love and joy into the world? Well, that has to be good for everyone.

So, Great Pumpkin, I humbly as for Body Glide, Honey Stinger Waffles and TryChips. I’ve been a good girl this year and promise to use them to fuel a passionate and sincere life.

Your pal,


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