Paying attention to change

Ever have something keep coming up for you, again and again, over and over, until you could no longer ignore it? As if the universe is hitting you on the head with a brick? And so it goes this week with me and the word “change.”

It started with having a line from the song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac stuck in my head all week after hearing it at wedding last weekend. (Well I’ve been afraid of changing.) It continued with a line from the song “All Star” by Smash Mouth which wedged it’s way into a loop in my brain. (And we could all use a little change.)

The trend continued with a tweet from performance coach Jenny Evans, which read: The only thing constant in life is change. Resiliency is accepting it as an opportunity for growth and a natural, healthy part of life.

That got me thinking.

And then came the crush of complaints from friends and strangers all over social media about the new changes to Facebook. It struck me as odd since the look of my Facebook page changed weeks ago. (I must have been a special user.) While I found it annoying at first, I adjusted. Sure, I offered one quick What the heck?!? status update, but I moved on. Whatever. I’m not paying for it and I still like it, so I’ll just mosey on with my day thank-you-very-much. But frankly, the onslaught of complaints about the “new Facebook” that have clogged my feed yesterday and today annoyed me. I didn’t want it to. I love the friends who were so irate they spent the whole day complaining. But really. Calm down.

What’s the common thread other than the word “change?” I have absolutely no idea. But the topic of change keeps coming up around me, in song, in Tweets in my Facebook feed. So I best pay attention. I believe it was the poet Rilke who spoke about loving the questions themselves more than searching for answers. Right now, I’ll just be open to change and its possibilities. Because a week out from the marathon, I am not going to tempt fate.

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