Walking through revolving doors

Yesterday at the airport, I went through a revolving door. Those who know me, understand how significant that is. I have a fear of revolving doors, going to great lengths to avoid them. I’m afraid of being stuck and helpless and on public display at the same time. It’s a very unsettling thought. But I had some heavy and bulky cargo to maneuver to the check-in counter and my best course of action was to wheel on top of my suitcase, walking backwards, using the mechanical revolving door. I didn’t even take a deep breath. I just did what I needed and it worked out fine.

Can’t say I’ll willingly take revolving doors in the future. But this? This was an important gesture to set the tone for the rest of the week.

Welcome to Charlotte, N.C. and the Association for Women in Sports Media convention. As president of the organization, it’s a whirlwind combining work, management and play. It combines excitement and nervous energy. Come to think of it, that’s not much different from a race weekend. And if I frame that way, I know that I create my own experience.

What do I want to accomplish? How do I want to feel? What do I want the next few days to look like? All questions I let flow through my mind during my easy six-mile run around the city streets this morning.  It’s not just about thinking good thoughts but rather about thinking what it is I really want — then asking the universe for it.

Today is about living with intention, listening, learning and playing with abandon. I remember that nobody wins if I play small in my own life. It’s not about ego but about being fully present. My last half marathon taught me that objectives can be limiting and that experience trumps results. Time to follow my passion and embrace how the day unfolds. Who knows, I might just walk through another revolving door.

What do you want to create in your life today?

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