Mammograms, Coffee and Failure

Friday’s three tidbits offer thoughts on acting local, a celebration of java and a different way to look at failure:

Pink, basketball and mammograms for all!

Pink-themed games to raise money for various breast cancer organizations have become common in the lexicon of women’s collegiate and girls’ high school basketball. While all efforts to raise money are worthy, the WEPAC Hoops for Hope event in Kansas is particularly unique.

First, the game is between two teams comprised of high school players, former college players and WNBA players. That’s right, the senior for the local high school girls team is playing side-by-side with Sheryl Swoopes. An interesting twist that not only makes it a different kind of game, it actually creates a quality experience for the girls (and women) on the floor. Mentorship, no matter how brief, is powerful, for both the younger girls and the retired basketball stars.

Second, the proceeds from the game are used to help five communities in Kansas offer access to health screenings for women — mammography, pap smears and colonoscopies. While affordable health care is a popular topic across the United States, access to health care has always been an issue in rural America. Even for women who have adequate insurance, getting to a medical facility for a screening can be a challenge. The funds generated from this game help provide preventive screening to women in these five communities, including using a mobile unit to take mammography to the women if the women can get to the mammography. While I support large, national funds which raise money for research and education efforts, programs like this have a direct impact on women’s lives. And that, deserves a huge round of applause.

Check out the video on the game and the event:


Entering that stage of my life were mammograms are part of my regular health checkups, I could relate to what Judy Johnston, research instructor for preventive medicine and public health at the Kansas University School of Medicine in Wichita said:

Don’t be afraid of the screening. You hear horror stories about mammography. The reality is, it’s a minute. Yeah, it hurts. Suck it up.

Coffee for a Cause

Of the things I adore in life, coffee is near the top of the list. It’s one of my true joys and one of the things which, I fear, I can’t live without. So of course, it caught my eye when I saw a blog post titled Coffee for a Cause. Without even knowing the cause, I suspected I was in.

And indeed I am.

Turns out the Ithaca Coffee Company is selling limited edition French Roast with $2 from the sale of each bag going to the Central New York Alzheimer’s Association. That’s win-win in my book. As an aside, Jared, who pens the Al Dente blog, is not just a friend but one witty guy. Check him out.

Food for thought

From Gail Lynne Goodwin of Inspire Me Today:

What if “failure” is actually the Universe providing you a faster way to succeed?

Something to ponder during this weekend’s long run and long bike ride.

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