Finding a way through the storm

Thanks to the technological advances of social media, I was informed well ahead of time to avoid all grocery stores.

This was predictable since the weather prognosticators were doling out dire “Winter Storm Warnings” for the western New York area. People were bunkering down, getting ready to be stranded at home for two or three days. Schools were closing in anticipation. No need to put the rosary on the rosebush. The good people of the area were bracing for the storm that was slowly sweeping across the country.

Of course, the storm had to be coming to town on Wednesday.

Why was Wednesday so bad for me?

It is the day when after weeks of patience and rehab and stretching and purchasing new sneakers, I get to run.

That’s right. My plantar fasciitis is improving (as is my ability to spell it without the help of an Internet search) and my coach told me today’s workout would be 15 minutes on the bike to warm up and then 15 to 20 minutes of running. It probably will look more like a jog, cautious and light. Any pain or negative sensations in the foot and I am to stop immediately. Should it feel great, I am to stop after 20 minutes.

But can I get to a gym?

The big pile of snow that was forecast to arrive never did. I can still see my car, that’s how little snow Buffalo has. There is however freezing rain hitting my windows at the moment and icy is worse than snowy. Still, I am hopeful this. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow shall keep me from getting to the gym.

Today, I get to run. And it is truly a blessing.

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