Why she TRYs: Juli Goldstein

Frankly, I was tired just reading her bio.

Juli Goldstein is a runner (having completed marathons while training for her first ultra this spring), a veterinarian who works with marine mammals, involved in numerous charities (including starting her own foundation to help owners of pets with cancer) and oh, happens to be Ms. Florida.

Seriously. This woman is passionate about her life. And she makes me want to go out, do more and be more. Mostly, she makes me want to stop whining and start living.

What inspires her to get involved, follow her passions and, well, just try?

I have met so many wonderful people over the years who have healthy issues or injuries or were injured in battle and for a variety of reasons they can’t do these things. I am so blessed. I’m a healthy, educated person who has the opportunity to contribute to society and give back. That’s what inspires me.

Read the entire interview with Juli over at the TRYChips.com blog!

And, after you read her story, if you want to vote for her for the People’s Choice Award with this year’s Ms. America pageant and donate to charity, click here.

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