Haiku for a Winter Day

Some days, minimalism just feels like the right way to go. Strip down the chaos, the unnecessary clutter and focus only on the essentials:

Laundry pile slowly shrinks


Healing happens with patience

My focus today is creating the space for amazing things to happen in the next few days. And now for my moment of Zen on a cold, gray winter day. Embarrassing? A tad. But it makes me smile remembering the little kid inside of me, who could care less what anyone else thought:

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  1. Lovely. I just found you via Women Talk Sports (I also write there) and spent a lovely lunch hour just browsing and reading your blog. Wonderful stuff here, thanks so much for your work. I particularly loved the haiku, too. An oasis in my workday.

    • Thanks Lisa! I’m glad it brought a smile to your face! Just went over to your blog and loved your piece today. It’s got me thinking of the difference between “beating up” and “kicking ass.” Thanks for that!

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