Weekend recap: Recovery Training

Sometimes the best way to approach training is to think of it as an adventure. And so, that’s what happened this weekend during long distance recovery days. The end of my official recovery from Musselman 70.3 long distances as my training focus turns toward Esprit in Montreal and my first Iron Distance event.

Saturday brought a three-hour bike ride with my good friend Hitch (the new nickname for my friend Nick who is excited to have a nickname for the first time in his life). We both were completing recovery so I looked for a flatter route, but that didn’t mean we lacked for interesting events. Note to self: Sometimes cue sheets off the web miss some important details. For instance, a missing bridge.

Sunday was a 12-mile run. My friend Sue ran the first seven miles with me, taking me on a new route which had flat areas and some great downhills — along with a few long climbs. I whined, but she dragged me up the hill anyway.

Welcome to Monday’s recap video. How did your training go this weekend?

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