Race report: Musselman 70.3

A 70.3 race is no joke. It’s long and it’s hard whether you’re a professional or just an age grouper trying to finish. Once you hit long distance racing, it’s not just about your physical training anymore. It’s about your mental game and about your emotional game. And sometimes the emotional game can come and sideswipe you when you least expect it.

I broke down on the run. It was hot. It was hilly. And I just lost it for the first three or four miles before I regained my composure and continued the journey. My run wasn’t pretty. It included a bathroom break, a few crying breaks and a few walk breaks up the hills. But then again, I found out most people found the run to be hard and cruel on this day.

In the end, I did a 6:51:44 — about a minute off my PR in Texas and not bad for a hilly course. I was pleased with my swim (54 minutes), happy with my bike (3:16:14) and well, survived the run (2:34:16). My transition times were long, but I was in it to finish, to enjoy, to celebrate, and I’m OK with that.

A final word: Musselman has to be one of the best run races I’ve ever been a part of. The volunteers are friendly and helpful, the race is well organized, its supported by the community and it’s spectator-friendly.

Now, for sights and sounds from the weekend (including some cheering from Mark while he captures me starting the run with a smile) and my video race report:

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