In the Miami heat and humidity

After a long day of work and a bit too little sleep, travel day to Miami for the ING Half Marathon went pretty smoothly. Sue, Herm and I all took turns being slightly cranky (which is one of the joys of traveling with two other runner), making unfortunate mistakes (like accidentally running into a glass window) and offering humorous observations to induce giggle fits (none of which, in decency, can be reproduced here).

All three of us are checked in with our registration numbers and timing chip for Sunday’s race — Sue and I in the half marathon and Herm in the marathon. Sufficiently collecting free swag at the health and fitness race expo and purchasing a few gifts for friends, we returned for a brief run to shake out the travel day. At 8 p.m., the temperature is 73 degrees. The warmth is nice but the humidity, which is 71 percent, provides another layer of challenge.

Fueled by pasta, all that’s left is to put our feet up and rest.

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